Keeping up the system is not solving what you say is wrong with it

Before I began scoring SAT essays, I looked into working as an SAT tutor for Princeton Review, not at all related to Princeton University.( Let me go on record as saying I do not work for the test prep company. It is considered a conflict of interest with the work that I do for Pearson.) During the presentation about the company, I was struck by how it claimed a sort of rebel cause against the SAT, which, according to the founder is given far more weight than it should and is taken as a measure of intelligence, which it isn't.

 So how to take down the evil empire? Not by destroying the Death Star in this case.  Princeton Review claims to undermine the test by teaching a few tricks to help you improve your performance on  the test. Really, all it guarantees is a 100 point improvement, and that guarantee depends on the students doing all homework assignments. As you can gather, if you do all that prep and practice on your own, it's almost certain that you would improve your score by at least 100 points without having to shell out exorbitant fees. But that's not my main critique here. If you truly felt that the test is wrong then your rebel cause would call for a boycott, appealing to both heads of universities and students themselves not to buy into a corrupt system. You would not claim to offer ways to circumvent the system -- if you had any integrity -- when you are just milking it for your own gain.

The same applies to the shidduch system. There is someone who keeps posting the following: "I am offering a chessed to take shidduch pictures for those involved in shidduchim to use with their resume's,[sic] and ease the pressures of shidduch dating."

Unlike the case of Princeton Review, I do give her credit for not doing this for financial gain. However, what she is doing is not exactly easing the pressures of shidduch dating and resume but reinforcing them by offering the pictures to accompany the resumes.

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