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The cure for stagefright

I heard Shira Smiles speak this morning in Lawrence. (I'm sure the talk will be posted to Torah Anytime at some point if you want to find it). The theme was the connection of tefila to effect geula as in Pesach Mitzrayim. But she also veered a bit into a theme she addressed the last time I heard her speak there -- being in the moment. The story that applies to the latter them is the reason for the title of this blog post.

I'm not sure if the event was a siddur or chumash presentation event for children. She recounts that a child was very anxious about his upcoming role on stage until one morning he was completely calm about it. Asked what changed, he said he realized that the audience will be filled with moms who will be texting on their phones the whole time. As no one will really be watching him, there's no reason to be nervous!

Becoming Queen Esther

The eponymous heroine of Megillas Esther never sought attention for herself until she had to step up and act for the sake of her people. She certainly is one who had greatness thrust upon her, and she rose to the occasion. After preparing with fasting and prayer (5:3), she didn't merely don royal robes but royalty itself, when she came, unsummoned, to face the king. Her reward was adding a book to the canon of TaaNaCh named in her honor that is read twice every year. And we established the holiday of Purim. Thus the Jews established a celebration of a great woman's achievement 2,000 years before International Women's Day was a thing.

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