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The frame and the essence

I'm reading Daniel H Pink's To Sell is Human (2012). So far two points he made dovetail with some
key Jewish thoughts.

One is the notion that she'elas chacham chatzi tthuva hu. A wise person's question is a half the answer. He devotes some pages (128-142)  to the discussion of finding rather than solving the problem and reframing for clarity. That includes references a mid-1960s art student study by Jacob Getzels and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that found greater creativity among those who spent more time finding a problem in terms planning out a good drawing to produce than those whose approach was simply how to produce a good drawing. Taking the focus on the problem and framing it from there is what opens the way to greater creativity.

Another take is identifying the essence of things.  On p. 152 Pink exhorts people to find the one percent." That has nothing to do with the rich people that are said to make up that part of the population. Rather it is about the ess…

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