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Korach, the Daddy of dissent

This morning, I got a notification from YY Jacobson that he had posted a new Parsha Piece on LinkedIn. See (As someone with a degree in literature, I do have to point out, though, that Frost's point in context is actually the opposite, see to read the entire poem to understand the speaker -- and by extension the poet himself -- doesn't necessarily share the neighbor's view). I also heard Michal Horowitz speak about Korach yesterday, so I've been thinking a bit about the personality.

 Korach presented himself as a man of the people. His arguments, as Chazal say, were variations on  the argument we see in the text: "the entire nation is holy." The implication is that no one should be set above the rest. Accordingly, he tried to argue that if a garment is completely dyed techlet, it should be exempt from the o…

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