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Why is Rosh Chodesh Different?

A good Chodesh! This year more than ever, we hope for the realization of "beNissan nigalu, beNissan atidin lehigael." This is the month designated for redemption, and we certainly pray and hope for redemption now.

This blog's title obviously references a key question in the Haggadah abut why is this night different.. Now when it comes to this Nissan, there is always a difference in the Rosh Chodesh because this is not just a new month but a new year: Hachodesh hazeh lachem rosh chadashim." Indeed, the reigns of the kings of Yehudah were measured as years beginning from Nissan.

That holds true at all times. But we are now in extraordinary times, and this Rosh Chodesh is the first one in which people have grasped the  severity of grappling with a pandemic that has hit home with many communities afflicted by sick and R"L worse. At the beginning of Adar, it still appeared remote, a threat only to far away places, and even on Purim most communities in the United Sta…

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