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What's in a name? Eved Ivri

I am adding on my own take to what The Divrei Chaim wrote that I quote below.
The first "Ivri" we meet in Tanach is Avraham. He has an eved named Eliezer, who at one point aspires to consider a match between their families, a hope that Avraham dashes on the basis of a categorical difference between them: that of baruch and arur.  (see ).  Eliezer, great as he was, and he was Avraham's right-hand man, could not change that aspect of his status. In contrast, Avraham's progeny would inherit his Ivri status that remains intact, no matter what circumstances one is in. Accordingly, I believe the adjective is invoked for the Jew who has to sell himself into slavery to remind him that --in essence -- he is still not a slave but one of the family that is  baruch. This is true even when he feels far away from the free people status of a Yisrael.

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