What I saw on Quora today reminds me of the guideline given for conversation starters on dates as three Fs: food, family, and philosophy (with phonetic spelling, I suppose).

The story goes that a young man given that advice started by asking the young woman if she likes spaghetti. She did not. That was the of the food discussion. Next up was family, so he asked if she had a brother. She answered in the negative. Two down, one to go. His foray into philosophy was "If you did have a brother, would he have like spaghetti?" We don't know what she answered.

The Quora advice includes an F but also some other letters:
I think all that is find, but I do take issue with one final point she makes: "
Bottom line: show an interest in other people. This is perfect for introverts, as we are usually insecure about talking about our own lives."

No, introverts are not insecure about talking about our own lives. We are just not so egotistical as to assume everyone is just dying to hear about us unless the express real interest in what we do. In fact, one of the reasons why many introverts are generally regarded as easy to talk to is because we are willing listeners.

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