Do you prefer self-service or human service?

 If the bank is open, would you head first for human teller or for a ATM? Why? 
Also please note if you observe different preferences in your parents or children. 
Other questions: In general do you prefer to pump your own gas (I know it doesn't apply in NJ) or to have someone do it for you?  Do you pay at the pump?  
 Do you seek out self-checkout lines at supermarkets and Home Depots, or do you avoid them? 
 Do you prefer to get your information by calling someone or by looking it up online?
Do you prefer to shop in stores in which someone offers to help you, or do you prefer to be left alone while you look?


Ezzie said…
ATM; full-serve; pay at pump; avoid self-checkout usually; online usually; prefer customer service.

Basically whichever is more efficient in general, but I appreciate good customer service. Actual stores which have customer service people who seek out customers usually have trained their people well, so they'll be able to answer whatever I need to know. I can always say "I'm okay".
Ariella said…
Thanks for your input, Ezzie. Do you know if your parents tend to use ATMs or avoid them? My mother has probably never used one, though your parents should be younger.
Unless it's really cold out, I usually like to pump my own gas. It's usually faster than waiting for someone to come, take my credit card or cash, put in the pump, and take it out when finished. Anyway, self-serve stations are usually a bit cheaper than full serve ones.
Orthonomics said…
I don't have an ATM card. But I like to drive through. I head to the human teller. My father might use the ATM. My mother heads in the bank for the most part.

I wouldn't mind having someone pump my gas on a cold day. But I won't pay more for full service.

Almost everytime I use a self-checkout line at the supermarket, I regret it. Home Depot isn't too bad.

I get info online and then call if need be.

I like to be left alone when shopping. Less pressure. But, I do like being greeted with a friendly smile.
Brocha Leah said…
There's a famous story told about Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky. When he was driving, he used the human-manned tollbooth and not the automatic one; he felt it would be a lack of Kavod Habrios (respect for human beings) to choose a machine over a person.
That being said, personally I always use the atm since it costs a lot less (in Israel, where I live). While shopping, I can't stand it when people come over to help me! I prefer to help myself, and if I need help I'll ask for it! The rest of the questions don't apply to me.
Ariella said…
Thanks for your responses, Sephardi Lady and Brocah Leah.
Ariella said…
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Deb said…
I go to a teller with deposits, because I had a bad experience once with the ATM eating my deposit without giving credit. what a nightmare until it was straightened out.Otherwise I go to ATM's.
Prefer to have someone else pump my gas.
Don't mind self checkout, depends how busy the lines are.
look stuff up online
help in stores: very much depends on the store- there is one clothing store I go to where I need help because it's hard to find anything. Otherwise I prefer to look myself.

Don't see much difference in my kids, really (I think I might be the parent age you're referring to as I have married kids...)
Ariella said…
Thanks, Deb. My kids are still teens and younger. My girls like to shop online and do not care to have someone help them in a store. The reason I tend to go for a teller (despite the fact that one once made a very serious error that caused major consequences) is that the bank entices one in with coffee. Once you come in for the coffee, you figure you may as well go for the human teller. Also this particular bank's ATMs happen to be down quite a bit. I'm not sure why. That's at Capital One. Chase has ultra-cool ATMs that don't require envelopes and can print out an image of the check you deposit. But I will have to give that up when I give up the account due to the beginning of massive fees in February.
Ezzie said…
Ariella - My Dad is an ATM guy usually unless he has an issue he wants handled.

Agree that I wouldn't pay more for full-serve.

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