This one made me do a double take

Someone sent me a friend request on FB. I often do accept people who FB friends in common with me if their profiles and pages look OK. This one definitely did not. One of the groups was: נשואים נשואות שמחפשים ולא מתביישים בזה. That's a direct quote; I didn't translate to obscure. For those of you who are Hebrew challenged, it means married people -- both male and female ) who are looking and are not ashamed. Look Hebrew, may be lashon naki, but not everything expressed in the language is.

One of the unpleasant discoveries made on FB was how many ostensibly frum people identify themselves with groups, games, and pages, that are very very far from the virtue of tznius.

So why am I on it? I am not on for games and voyeuristic questions. I really joined because social networking through such tools is considered imperative for businesses, especially media businesses. There are quite a lot of frum businesses on FB, some under actual business pages and some with the business listed as a person to friend. Of course one must filter on FB. But the more I see, the less likely I would be to advocate teens to join.

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Chaim B. said…
If you advocate that teens be banned from FB the reaction in certain circles would be to simply dismiss you as a chareidi (i.e. fanatic). At least one yeshiva H.S. principal was not even aware that businesses routinely block access to sites like FB.
Chaim B. said…
On a related note, the blogsphere is old news -- FB and other social networking sites are far more popular. Even google, which owns blogger, is trying to make a move into the social networking world because blog technology is passe.
Frayda said…
i hate some of the gross stuff there is on FB but I love a lot of the games and also keeping track of friends and family
I just heard a talk on this last night. Writing it up now. I guess they are looking pretty actively LOL.
Ariella said…
I just heard about Google's plans to release "Google Buzz" which is supposed to combine features of FB and Twitter built on the base of the increasingly popular Gmail system.
Ariella said…
Frayda, actually I do have some relatives on FB but their posts are not usually on family news necessarily. I'm not even clear the marital status of some of the cousins once removed I've come across, and I am afraid to ask.

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