Facebook and teens

I just posted this, ironically enough, on my personal Facebook page: Do/would you let your teen have a Facebook account? Would you monitor it? Here I will expand a bit. What teens sometimes choose to post on their Facebook pages tells quite a lot about them, and it might be more than you want. I can imagine that those who wish to keep up a RW image would find much of what their teens go for in public rather embarrassing and possibly detrimental. I do know of parents who do allow their teens internet access, accounts, etc. but then follow their trail through various accessories that would serve as virtual nanny cams on their kids. Experiences and views on this, anyone?


Anonymous said…
Well, my oldest has it and I don't monitor it, and my next oldest doesn't really want it at the moment. I do know of several children whose parents don't know they're on Facebook, so I don't know how effectively they're monitoring their kids. But honestly, if a kid wants something, it's very hard to stop him or her, so it's better to have things out in the open.
Ariella said…
You're right, it could be far more dangerous for kids to be on FB while they're parents remain clueless about the situation. I got some interesting points of view on my Facebook post. If you're on FB youseelf, you can see it at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000118358417#/profile.php?id=1802353237&ref=mf

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