An occasion for Yerushalmi kugel

I made Yerushalmi kugel for the first time this weekend. I used the recipe here:
and even had to cut down the long noodles because I didn't have fine egg noodles on hand. I reduced the sugar slightly and cut the recipe down to 2/3 so that it fit in a 9" round pan. It came out pretty good -- with more flavor than you find in the Yerushalmi kugels served at kiddushes.

My motivation for making this kugel now was my husband's siyum on Yerushalmi. So you can all wish the Divrei Chaim a mazel tov on his accomplishment. Those of you who know my brother can extend the same congratulations to him, as well. He finished Yerushalmi for the third time. This was my husband's first time, but he is also quite a number of years younger. BTW he completed Shas three times already. But there is no Bavli kugel.


Lion of Zion said…
wow. what an achievement. kol hakavod
Ariella said…
It's not so hard to make Yerhusahlmi Kugel. ;-) I know, I know, you are referring to my husband's achievement.
Ariella said…
Thank you, Mrs. S. We should always be able to share true simchos, and there is no simcha like a celebration of Torah.
Lion of Zion said…
i was talking about your husband. shas 3 times and yerushalmi once? wow. i'm still struggling through tanach and a seder of mishnah.

but don't belittle your own achievement. any type of luction kuggel is difficult to make (much harder than a potato kugel) and it's one of those things i don't even think its worth making at home.
(also, i'm not a yerushalmi fan. i prefer really sweet luction.)
Orthonomics said…
Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov. A Yerushalmi Kugal is a creative way to celebrate such accomplishment.

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