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the one in a thousand

for honesty. I am in the throes of making sales calls for the winter issue of Kallah Magazine. I just had to report that there was one person who voluntarily told me what he pays for his ads currently after exclaiming on how reasonable my magazine's ad prices are. I do appreciate his honesty because most people will just automatically say, "that is too high" just to try to haggle me down. They will claim that they are paying less for their current ads or that they always get a particularly high discount off the rate card and expect the same from me. You see, others send out higher prices so that their customers can feel that they've "won" when they get the discount that brings the price down to what the publisher had in mind in the first place. For example the man I spoke with told me he pays $450, and that price is presented as a break on the "actual" price of $500.

Bereishis on marriage

When Adam finds his mate in Chava, he exclaims, "zos hapa'am, etzem meatazamya ubasar mibesari, lazos yikare isha ki meish lukacha zos." He stresses that the woman is bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh and so should be called isha [woman] because she is taken from ish [man] (2: 23). This is followed by a narrator's comment that clearly does not apply to our first couple who were not born from other parents, "al ken ya'azov ish es aviv ve'es imo vedavak beishto vehayu lebasar echad. [Therefore, a man will leave his father and his mother and will cleave onto his wife, and they will be one flesh.] This verse is the source for forbidden marital relationships for b'nei Noah as recorded in Sanhedrin. So we go from the realization of the first couple to the prohibition of incest. It occurred to me that there is a logic to the juxtapositon. If Adam's stress is that he knows this is the right wife for him because he and she stem from the same st…

gym lessons, ethics and manners

My girls are members of a children's gym. When they came back from it today, one daughter reported that my youngest one hit another child with a ball. Let me clarify that this was an accident that her older sister attributes to her poor aim. How poor her aim is debatable. But one point that was not debatable in my mind is the necessity for her to apologize to the child she hit. I was very reassured to learn that she did even though it was at the behest of the manager. He was quite right to "make her," to use my daughter's term as I was not present to "make her" do it myself. Causing someone else to be hit, hurt, or pushed is wrong even without malicious intent. The same goes for depriving someone of sleep by engaging in noisy activities such as using power tools after 11 PM. The fact that anyone would think otherwise simply astounds me.

The concept of being dan lekaf zchus is to give the other person the benefit of the doubt, like, s/he may have h…

Seeking some Sukkoth inspiration?

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The top slot, or some shameless self-promotion

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