Pesach Hotels Revisited

Last night my daughter babysat for someone. What did they have to go out to do on bedikas
chametz night? They drove up to the hotel they were to stay at to check in their luggage and came back because they are only checking in today. My daughter asked why they went about it that way, and if the point is simply to beat the crowd, as originally explained why they didn't check in altogether one day early? The woman answered that she really prefers staying in her own bed and doesn't want to add on any extra nights. She said, it was "torture" for her to stay in a hotel. Yet she was doing it, and, I'm sure, at great expense if not for them than for the parents who likely are treating them to this form of torture.

This is the craziness of our generation. We have parents shelling out the equivalent of a whole year's salary and even more to have their married children and their kids with them at a Peach hotel while each one considers that they are putting themselves out for the other. That leads to a flurry of letters and responses in papers like the FJJ in which people kvetch about the gashmiyus  they put themselves through at the hotels that their parents or in-laws are shelling out  tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even close to a hundred thousand dollars for. No doubt the in-laws think that they are winning great appreciation for spending so much to prevent their children from the work and expense of making Pesach at home, while their children think they are the ones doing them a favor for coming.


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