Understanding the present in light of history

Parshas Ha'azin is one of the most poetic sections of the Torah. It includes verses like this one 32:7: זְכֹר יְמוֹת עוֹלָם בִּינוּ שְׁנוֹת דֹּר וָדֹר
Remember the days of old; understand the years from generation to generation 
My grandfather suggests that this is to be read that from זְכֹר יְמוֹת עוֹלָם,  that is remembering the past, one would come to בִּינוּ שְׁנוֹת דֹּר וָדֹר, that is the causes of events in your generation and in your lives. 
He says he only briefly presented the idea that is similar to what the Ramban expound on in explaining ma'aseh avos siman labanim the deeds of the fathers are a sign for the sons.

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