Keeping the mitzvos

In Parshas Vaeschanan, we have the aseres hadibros presented for the second time. Within, two mitzvos are juxtaposed, that of keeping the Sabbath and that of honoring parents. Both add the phrase, כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוְּךָ, stressing as Hashem has commanded.

My grandfather suggests "al derech hadrash" that the stress for these tow is because they may be be perceived as actions that one does for his own inclination. It's nice to take a day off each week even without a religious motivation to do so. Likewise, it is a socially acceptable thing to honor one's parents. That is why it stresses that one keeps this commandments because they were commanded. Our motivation should be observing the mitzvos in the vein as what Chazal said about kosher observance.  One should say, "Yuck, pork is disgusting!" Rather he should say, "It is appealing, but I have to abstain because it is forbidden to me."

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