Bechukothay Telechu

On the words Im bechukothay telechu (26:3), Rashi cites the view of Toras Kohanim  saying that this is not just about keeping the mitzvos, which are already coved by the word "ve's mitzvothay ta'asu" Rather it refers to being ameliym batorah toiling in Torah study.

My grandfather points out that the word  telechu [you will go/walk] connotes progression, that it's not sufficient for a perosn to do the mitzvah out of habit but to use keeping the mitzvos and the chukim of the Torah  as a means of ahieving an elevation of the soul and a a greater inclination to the spirutal -- on top of that which one has already accepted.  And that is not possible without toiling in Torah.

So why is this term used instead of directly saying "toil in Torah study?" My grandafather says because that is the true goal of toiling in Torah study -- to be telechu, that is advancing spiritually.

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