Yaakov's relief

After Yaakov is reunited with Yosef, he exclaims, "amuta hapa'am" that he will die this time (46:30). Rashi quotes the midrashic interpretation that before he had seen him, Yaakov was certain that he would suffer two deaths: one in this world and one in the next, for the shechina  had departed from him. Thinking that Yosef had died, he though that it was required (and that the loss of one of his children signified Yaakov's own loss of his share in the next world). However, now that he saw Yosef alive, he knew he would only die in this world.

My grandfather raises a question on Yaakov's assumption that he would lose his share in the next world. After all,  he has credit for so many good deeds.  He suggests that the loss of even just a small part of his portion in the next world would be tantamount to death, as is the connotation of "mitchayev benafsho" that Chazal speak of.

Yaakov thought that Yosef would not have died if his father were free of sin and, consequently, believed his son's death a sign of his own spiritual demise.

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