The blood moon over the sukkah

An unusal addition to benching occurs solely on the holiday of Sukkoth. We add in "Harachaman hu yakim lanu eth sukkath David hanofales" Why do we refer to the sukkah of David to indicate a return to the kingdom rather than beis [the house of] David? In the shiurim prior to the holiday, Rav Goldwicht explained that when a house is taken down, it is a ruin and is not rebuilt so much as a replaced. The house that is built on the site of the previous house is a new house, not the same one. In contrast, a sukkah is always called a sukkah. It is still called that even when it is down and folded. When it is put back up, it is not a new structure but the same sukkah.

It's the same concept we see in the renewal of the moon, which is why we say, "David melech Yisroel chai vekayam" during kiddush levana.   It's always the same moon, though sometimes it is in a waning state, or even in an eclipsed state as it was on the first night of Sukkoth this year. But it is still there, and we know it will re-emerge.


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