Frum warning signs

I suppose this is the kosher equivalent of warning labels printed on cigarette boxes. In front of the broccoli for sale in one of the local kosher grocery stores was a warning sign. Essentially, it said that the Vaad found that this year's broccoli crop is so infested that it is virtually impossible to rid the vegetable of all bugs. Therefore, it advised any customer considering the purchase to consult with a rabbinic authority first.

Interesting that they didn't go so far as prohibiting the sale but insisted on a "buyer beware" sign. Perhaps they figure some will cook the boccoli just for flavor in one of those bags that advertise they block bugs.

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They are really hard to check, even when you know what you're looking for. What I've done is remove all the florets and make soup out of the stems, but it feels terribly wasteful, and I imagine you're losing the most valuable nutrients.

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