The mezuzah app

Further proof that smarter phones lead to ... well, people who feel they don't need to actually learn stuff for themselves. And now, we bring you a mezuzah app: First off, I'm sure they mean well, and they really deserve credit for stressing a kosher mezuzah. So many people think "it's the thought that counts" rather than the klaf.  I wonder if they also point out that the concept that you can live in your permanent home for 30 days before affixing the mezuzah is a distortion of the halachic definitions.

However, really, how complicated is all this? You just have to know to:
 1) buy a kosher mezuah
2) pick out a cover that fits it and appeals to your taste
3) hang it up on the right side of the doorpost  in the bottom of the top third at a slight angle toward the room entered by the door. You really don't need a measuring tape or a level or even a protractor to figure this out. Eyeballed estimates are fine.
This is not rocket science, folks!

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