WWII exhibit & movie

I wrote a brief review of the WWII &NYC exhibit at the New York Historical Soceity. It's well worth seeing. If you are off this week, you can also come for the special family programs associated with it. If not, the exhibit will remain in place until May 27, 2013.

In keeping with the theme the museum will be showing the film, The Search. Unfortunately, though the showing is scheduled for a Friday night. Ask if your library has it in its media holdings, though, because it's an excellent film about a boy (not Jewish) who is separated from his mother during the war in Europe, as he was taken to a concentration camp. All the rest of the family was killed, but she survived and seeks him out. An American soldier finds the boy after he has run away from the agency that takes in the children. While the ending is inevitable, it is still very effectively done. Note that while this is not geared toward young children, as deaths and the ravages of war are central to the story, it is a perfectly clean movie with no romantic relationships and clean language. It's also interesting to see how the Jewish children were primed for their transfer to what was to become Israel with Hebrew songs, etc.

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