Savings and tzedaka: a great combo for a simcha

A great idea! Check out

A. When you borrow a dress through the website, we ask that you make a minimum $36 donation to Yad Eliezer's Adopt-A-Wedding program. Yad Eliezer wants to enable every Jewish bride and groom in Israel to celebrate their wedding with joy. Their Adopt-A-Wedding program provides opportunities to sponsor the weddings of couples in need, and we are excited to support this important cause. While we aren't adopting a specific wedding, our efforts will contribute to many weddings in Israel. After you borrow a dress, just click on the "Donate" tab, and there will be a link for Yad Eliezer's website where you can make a donation.
**IMPORTANT:** In the "Comments" section, please write "" so that we can keep track of how much money we have raised and celebrate our accomplishments!
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