Pesach products informal review

This is to serve as a reminder for myself for the future.
I do not want to wash dishes with the Glick's formula again. I really don't like the smell, though I picked lemon, which I usually find the least obtrusive. It seems to cling to the dishes and silverware, and doesn't even clean so well.  (one star out of 5)

The Streit's chocolate chip cookie mix remains the family favorite. The only downside is that each box makes only one small tray of cookies. I already knew that, though, and bought 3 of them this year. (5 out of 5)

I ventured into buying a couple of other gebrokts mixes that went on sale. It's always fun to mix those up with the pan that comes right in the box -- but not for $4 a box. I spent $2 and then even saw them for $1.  The Manishewitz crumb cake was a hit, though it really goes fast in a family because the cake is smaller than the box it comes in, of course. (5 out of 5). The gooey brownies from the same brand did not go over as well. (3 out of 5).

The Oneg chocolate chips are pretty good. When you can't have Trader Joe's brand, they are more than passable (4 out of 4).

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miriamp said…
I don't use heimish dish soap. we just buy a new bottle of dawn, because it works. thanks for verifying that the heimish one isn't worth the money.
Ariella said…
I don't mean to imply that one must buy a Jewish brand for Pesach. It is not required by halacha. I just picked that one up when I was shopping at Brach's because, as you say, the practice is to get a new bottle for Pesach.
Ariella said…
Oh, and this one was on sale for 99 cents for a large bottle, which is cheaper than the standard brands usually are. But it's still not worth it because those work better and do not leave a scent I don't like.

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