The New NASI Shidduch Plan: Throw Money At It

I remember seeing the ad for this "solution" to the shidduch crisis. I was struck by the various ways it was wrong, but  I'm glad I didn't bother to write my own blog about it  because Orthonomics covered it very thoroughly in a number of posts: Orthonomics: The New NASI Shidduch Plan: Throw Money At It

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Orthonomics said…
Apologies for not signing in. And thank you for the links. Sadly, the entire things continues to get worse and I continue to update. It is important to track these statements and archive them so people know just what this program is saying. If you have not seen it yet, the 5TJT edited his piece slightly and gave him some free advertising. 20 are signed up.
Ariella said…
You're welcome. I linked to your newer posts in another post up now.

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