No polygamy

Yesterday Yeshiva Darchei Torah hosted its annual Tisha B'Av kinos. Among the illustrious list of speakers was Rabbi Greenberg who spoke very well and covered a number of key points, one of them is mentioned in the post I linked to in the previous post.  Another point he made was a reference to Rabbeinu Gershon, who held the title "meor hagola" [the light of the diaspora]. What did he do to earn such a title? The answer, attributed to R' Leibel Eiger was that his edicts were an assurance to the Jewish people. Of course he is famous for his ban on polygamy. In addition to that point for a monogamous relationship, he declared that no man may divorce his wife against her will. The Jewish people's relationship with G-d is always compared to a marriage. Rabbeinu Gershon's decrees were not just about the marriages between men and women but about the everlasting bond between G-d and His people. Though we were cast out, there is no divorce. The kethuba still stands, and there is no acceptance of a get. We also have the assurance that G-d will not seek out another people with whom to connect as he had with us. There is to always only be one wife who will remain faithful to her husband, and that connection is not to be severed.

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