Fashion failure

Yesterday, we were in the city. My husband agreed to stop at Bloomingdale's so that my daughter could see what it is we have (not) been missing. No purchases were made there, though, we did spot a veritable bargain -- a knife set for $999 that would be over $1500 if sold separately -- that is according to Bloomingdale's prices, of course. You can also pick up a Burberry's short-sleeve shirt for a little girl for just $250 or buy her a jacket from the same distinctive pattern for just under $700. Perhaps now my daughter understands why we don't shop there.
But, anyway, while we were there, we rode the elevator down along with a woman who was wearing a sheitel. She asked me where the tznius clothes can found. She flew in from Florida  even took a taxi to Brooklyn but found nothing. I sympathized. As I told her, even the "frum" stores are carrying short skirts and short sleeves. The only hope is that the fall line will bring more options that do not require layering to keep one covered. Later on, I saw that there were a few maxi skirts in H &M. It seems you either find lengths above or about  the knee  or down to the floor -- with nothing in between.

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