Coupon Moms

 "Marketers: Beware the Coupon Mom" warns that some of the ones in that category are a threat to brands because they're wise to the tricks and arm themselves against them in their quest to save money.
""Many mom bloggers are extremely marketing-savvy, some much more than the brand managers," said John Andrews, founder-CEO of Collective Bias, a social-media unit of Mars Advertising."
The article includes an interview with Ms. Lincicum, a couponing mom, strategy for saving runs contrary  to standard shopping approaches:
"the fewer trips to the store, the fewer impulse buys and the more you'll save. "
 "'My rule is to never buy something when you need it.'"
and the downside of coupons for people who want to eat healthfully: "'"We could save more if we ate processed stuff," she said. "Adding produce makes this automatically not a 90%-off trip. But this is real life.'"

The article ends with a graph from Nielsen:
Trump hourly chart


Shoshana Raff said…
As a 'mom blogger' whose content is about Kosher savings, I found this to be a very interesting article. I always enjoy your articles! Very interesting stats from Neilson - do you have any thoughts on why the numbers are down?
Ariella said…
Glad you found it interesting, Shoshana. Thanks for commenting. I have to confess that, though I am very thrifty, I find using grocery coupons. It takes a lot of time to go through them, clip them, organize them, and then, of course, one has to remember to use them. Sometimes when I finally am ready to purchase something that I know I have a coupon for, I unearth it only to find that it has expired.
Now that is frustrating. And I'm sure that others also find it's not worth their time and effort.

The extreme couponer devote hours a day to their pursuits. And those of us who don't usually can only save a couple of dollars with them. I do save by shopping sales or by keeping track of which store has the best regular prices on what.

The Target coupons that you can print out are also a pain. I feel I have to print them out before going to the store so that I don't miss out on possible savings but often end up not buying the items -- if they are not on sale anyway or out of stock -- and so just hold on to the coupons until they expire. So those just turn into a waste of time, as well as my paper and ink.

I much prefer finding coupons in the store in the machines that dispense them or simple coupons that don't expire like $5 or 20% off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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