If you're in Pennsylvania

Or planning to pass through or considering it among other places to visit this season, you may want to include Longwood Gardens on your stop. The garden started out in a very ecological mission -- to save the trees there. But it includes far more than trees, as you can see from the pictures I posted in the album on the Kallah Magazine Facebook page The one below is not among them.
If you can pick up a tour, do take one; you learn more than you do by just reading the little signs around. This garden has a bit less of an educational than the botanical gardens in New York city. And even the house does not reveal everything, like the fact that the owner got married in New York rather than in his home state because he married his cousin, and such marriages were (and I suppose still are) not legal in that state, though they are in New York (see http://www.examiner.com/jewish-bridal-in-new-york/license-to-wed-part-2-of-2). But you can also pick up interesting things by paying close attention. The picture here shows that Pierre du Pont's lawyer  -- in 1906 no less -- was a woman named Isabel Darlington. As the text indicate, Mr. du Pont's primary motive in acquiring the property that was to become Longwood Gardens was to prevent the trees on it from being turned into lumber.  For more about this garden and others, see http://www.examiner.com/jewish-bridal-in-new-york/green-houses-and-gardens-review

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