For Father's Day

Kids can offer gifts from the heart without emptying out their (or your) wallets if they are willing to put in some effort.
1. They could wash dad's car, and if they are really ambitious, vacuum the inside and wax the exterior, as well.  This suggestion, I admit, comes from Walmart, though you really don't have to buy the kit they recommend.
2. They could take over a current chore that dad usually does, like mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage, either for the week of Father's Day or longer
3.For a gift that keeps on giving, they can put together a voucher book that entitles dad to press the kids into raking leaves, shoveling snow, or doing some other task that he would enjoy delegating.
4. They could bake a cake, cookies, or prepare something else he likes like chocolate covered pretzels.
5. They can make a frame with their pictures inside. For wooden frames that can be painted and decorated, check out Michael's. For very young kids, you can cut the opening on a paper plate and allow them to add stickers or fingerpaint colors on it.
6.Of course, the card can be homemade, as well, but if you like e-cards, check out

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