A clash of pink and green

In the words of Joel Makover in http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2011/05/16/green-marketing-over-lets-move?page=0%2C0 “No environmentally preferable car, carpet, cleaner, cosmetic, clothing, coffee, credit card or cell phone has captured more than 2 percent of its respective market. In most cases, sales of green products represent well under 1 percent of any given category.” 

It is quoted in "Barbie Hijacked by Greenpeace" in the attempt to insinuate that the Barbie attack, which is actually an attack on Mattel for using paper made from rainforest trees in Barbie's packaging, undermines the green movement by its association with extremism. A couple of leaps of logic here that the article tries to gloss over with its nod to the fact "other reasons exist for the sluggish sales of green products — quality, price, availability, etc."  I haven't heard of people going out of their way to buy products that are considered not green to register their disapproval of Greenpeace. 

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