Hope in Washington

My daughter is scheduled for her trip to Washington soon. It would be nice if they get to visit some of the Smithsonian museums while there. Last year, they didn't see any of them. While the Air and Space one is listed on the itinerary; it appears as one of those items that is subject to change, which my older daughter says was also the case last year.  Though New York's Museum of Natural History   is larger than its Washington counterpart, the Washington one does have some more impressive gems, including the Hope Diamond that was placed in a new, temporary setting this past year.  The choice of setting qualifies as crowdsourcing, as it was the one selected by over 100,000 people in an online vote.
I'd love to revisit Washington DC myself. I wrote a review of a number of attractions there in 2008. It  is archived at http://kallahmagazine.com/MoneyMatters.htm

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miriamp said…
My son (8th grade) has a Washington, DC trip coming up and the Smithsonian is definitely on their itinerary. Except for the Kohein in his class who will be skipping both the Smithsonian and Arlington cemetery. The 8tg grade girls will also be visiting the Smithsonian.
Ariella said…
There are bodies in the Smithsonian? I can imagine the possibility in the natural history one, but what of the others? When I was in 8th grade, we saw the American history one.
Ariella said…
Note: daughter returned. She get to see the Hope diamond. They got to see more Smithsonian exhibits than my older daughter did due to the rain. So sometimes bad weather can be good.

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