I should really raise my prices for social media consultation

I see that others who bill themselves as "social media experts" are charging quite a lot for just filling in the blanks on Facebook and Twitter free services. The following was posted as a special for shul group readers:

• Setup &; optimization of new Facebook page

• All custom graphics

• Facebook Banner

• Landing page non fan view

• Landing page fan view

• Business info page

• Featured images & page likes

• 5 Status updates

• We will get you 200+ fans to get you started

• Setup & optimization of a new Twitter page

• Facebook linking to Twitter

• Custom Twitter background

Regular price: $849

May special for ---- readers only: ONLY $649 (ends May 31st, 2011)

I can set up the FB pages and Twitter accounts for much less, and I wouldn't try to sell the package as complete with so little follow up. 5 status updates is nothing! It certainly is not enough to win 200 followers on the merit of the Facebook content. I wonder if this company pays them or invents them?
 They also have to consider what exactly they intend to do with their followers that will benefit their business.
On a related note, see the article the explains the reason why, "I Will Never Hire a 'Social Media Expert' and Neither Should You." by Peter Shankman

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Ariella said…
BTW you can draw your own conclusions about the social media co. in question by checking out its Twitter stream -- only 5 Tweets since March and only the default Twitter egg for its pic. It does have a large number of followers, but they are obviously reciprocals of the even larger number the company follows. I've also learned that there are companies that can guarantee as many as 1000 Facebook followers for about $100.
Sarah Zeldman said…
First of all those $1000 facebook Fans or twitter followers for $100 mean NOTHING If they are not targeted! What good will they do the business owner if they have NO INTEREST in his products or services.

Second, in order to be able to charge for "status updates" on facebook or twitter, *with integrity* you must (in my never-to-be-humble-opinion) spend time getting to know the company -- their brand and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and CRAFT their status update using marketing principes and with clear understanding of the best practices of relationship marketing & engagement on Facebook, Twitter etc. (That was Peter Shankman's real point!)

That is how Social media "experts" *should* be justifying their high prices -- because they have the training & understanding in sound MARKETING principles to be able to CRAFT content for social media website that will engage the companies target market (repeat customers as well as new prospects) and result in more leads and sales for the company. If you can do that -- then go ahead and charge a nice amount for status updates -- you deserve it. But if you're just guessing at posting status updates, without any sound marketing/engagement strategy behind it -- then, in my opinion, a high price tag is not justifed just because "Everyone else is doing it"
Ariella said…
Absolutely, Sarah. If the social media strategy is not woven into an overall marketing strategy, it is virtually useless. The problem is that many business owners don't want to think it through; they just think, "I need this, so I better get someone to do it for me" rather like some businesses hired people to set up website for their businesses without planning about integrating it into their plan and updating it as needed.

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