rant on annoyances this week -so far

I added in the so far 'cause, you never know, things can get worse.
I tried to pick up the wine for Pesach yesterday and made my selections.  The line was nonexistent at the store, and I discovered why: No credit card payments that day.  Well, I don't carry large amounts of cash on me, and I had been planning on purchasing quite a number of bottles, so I had to leave them.  I was courteous enough to put them back in the right places, though other disgruntled shoppers just abandoned their loaded carts.

Annoyance from the company that manges scoring. This round is not SAT essays but another type of essay.  They are not done, but the essays available for scoring have not been loaded to be scored since some time around the middle of yesterday.  As a result, close to a full day of scoring has been lost.  The pay is so pitiful, though, that it doesn't bother terribly to miss the income.  I just know that I likely will not be able to score next week at all,

Annoyance of businesses that do not live up to their promises.  I got to the cleaners this morning at 10 with a bunch of shirts. I was delighted to see a sign guaranteeing same day service for what is in by 10:30.   I said I want to be able to pick it up tomorrow. No, the woman said, "it would not be ready until Thursday." She says so much is in before the holiday that 2 days are needed. I suggested that she should then remove the sign, but she doesn't want to bother.  What is the point, though of putting up a misleading sign? It's better to have people come in without the expectation of same day service, especially if you know you will have to disappoint them.

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