Want a crown?

Content may be king, but it is willing to share its crown with you
The Purim story relates a contest to select the woman who would be crowned queen of the empire.  The modern version of this is FourSquare that runs a contest of sorts by awarding mayor status to the person with the most check ins. Let's try that here.  You can check in by writing comments.  The one with the most comments by the end of the month can be crowned mayor.  There are no perks to being mayor other than bragging rights.  Hey, that's enough to get people to check in at many places in New York. That is not to say that no one checks in here. I know people do based on my Blogger stats.  So drop in and say something -- not just hello, mind you, but something.  And we'll see who will be crowned.

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Something. :)

P.S. I couldn't resist. :D
Now, seriously speaking, this is a creative and fun idea. :)

I have a question: Do all our comments in the race to be crowned have to be on this post only, like discussing about location-based applications or something else or the comments can be on any past, present or future post during this month?

Ariella said…
The comments can be on any topic, though, as you can appreciate, what people write should have more to it than small talk.

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