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I am a mommy and a blogger, but I never branded myself as a mommy blogger.  Some have done so with great success as many marketers attempt to jump on the mommy blogger bandwagon in pitching their products.  Here's an interesting post on the subject that calls for more attention to differences among the many bloggers all classed under the name of "mommy"

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Abba's Rantings said…
completely unrelated, but since you write about free/cheap things to around the city, what do you think of this deal?
is it a good deal or can you can it cheaper (e.g., with that multi-museum membership you've mentioned)
Ariella said…
Which deal to you have in mind? I have written about ASTC membership at and mentioned it in a few other posts, as well.
Ariella said…
I saw your comment with the link. I didn't post it b/c I don't like to spread ads in the comment. I don't think that Groupon deal is worthwhile if the expiration date of Apr 30, 2012 means that the pass is only good until then. Odds are that in such a short time frame, you would only make one visit to the museum. The membership deals are only worthwhile if you plan to visit multiple times.

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