Divrei Chaim: unintended consequences

Divrei Chaim: unintended consequences: "The Yalkut (524 towards the end) quotes a view that Nadav and Avihu were punished because they did not marry. Rav Levi said: Many girls re..."

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Orthonomics said…
Here is the comment I left at Divrei Chaim. Let me know what you think:

feel like I'm stepping into territory I really don't belong in, but I'm going to try and formulate some thoughts anyway.

Maybe what Rav Henoch Leibowitz z"l is pointing to is something else, the insidious and contagious attitude of "I'm too good and shouldn't have to 'settle' for anyone below my station." Even if the girls should have been able to go marry someone else (that itself an if), attitudes are contagious. Sure, some have the yichus to declare that they are too good for anyone. But, there are just as many who decide that they are equally as special. And, hence, you end up with a "shidduch crisis" as opposed to a making of one's own doing.

I think we can see how such a scenario plays out today with shidduchim. Some personal decisions have societal ramifications.

Let me know how off base I am.
Ariella said…
Actually, that's just what I said to my husband. The comment he has posted under my name was not mine. He happened to log in on my computer when he posted it, so it showed up as if I had done so. I thought of the fact that the "I won't settle" point of view was first brought about by Nadav and Avihu's refusal to marry. The single women emulated their actions, which is why they were held accountable.
Orthonomics said…
Nothing new under the sun. We see this with shidduchim and finances. I should link.

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