Tweet that shidduch

You know, I was actually thinking about writing a piece on using Twitter for shidduch dating. I mean why bother with an entire resume? Once you want to reduce a person to the essentials of vital statistics, it should be possible to condense it further to what will fit in a Tweet. Of course, it may be necessary to invent some abbreviations, but that is part and parcel of using this format anyway.  We could have MOB22F or even briefer YB24 all to take the place of a couple of lines of description.  The Tweets could always link to more detailed info, like a Tweet with a link to the list of references and another with a link to the list of schools and camps, and yet another with the dirt -- I mean information -- on the family.
Then for those who hate to invest time in dating -- like the young men who don't want to waste their time and gas money driving out to pick up a young woman that will turn into a one date dud, they can communicate via Tweets. They can reference the shidduch profile Tweet.  For example, "ICU went 2 ___ How was it?" The space constraints are perfect for the concise answers favored by today's generation.  There's enough space to reply "GR8," "Amazing" or "Awesome" and not enough to elaborate on that with any depth.  What can be better for superficial small talk?

Yes, this was meant as satire, but truth is stranger than fiction, and Twitter is being used for dating, though, granted it is not shidduch dating.  It's called "Luv@FirstTweet.  I couldn't make this up because it already exists!   See

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