What does it mean? It's a term used by Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational.  In this video, he  talks about what economics taught him about marriage -- nothing -- and the motivation of marriage --irrational.   and dating the decision to marry and have children.   that observation.  George Bernard Shaw pointed that out in his play Man and Superman.  Far earlier than that, Chazal observed that if not for the yetzer hara [inclination to follow one's impulses --rather than a rational plan] a man would not marry, start a family, etc.

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Leah Goodman said…
there are economic advantages to living in groups or couples over living alone.
Having children, however, is a terrible decision economically :)
Ariella said…
Someone to share the rent with for one thing, Leah. Interestingly, studies find that men benefit from marriage far more than women do. That is one of the things that Ariely mentions in his video, though he doesn't go into detail about it.

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