From ribbons to twibbons

One of the students I taught at the thesis seminar for graduate students of liberal studies at Columbia University wrote her paper on the use of ribbons of particular colors for causes.  At the time, the pink ribbons for breast cancer had been around for a short while; they were preceded by the red ribbons for AIDs awareness.  She also mentioned the yellow ribbons that used to not be worn as the other two were but were tied around trees.  This was before social media took off, when people relied on physical manifestations to show their support of causes.  Now you don't have to wear anything on your clothes; rather, you dress your avatar (what I think of as your signature pic) in a "twibbon."   These operate rather like the badges applied to profile pictures on Facebook, though They're designed to work with your Twitter account.  PBS Tweeted the link for public broadcasting twibbons available here.

Now I see there is a sky blue ribbon available in virtual form.  This is explained as
  • When you support this cause your avatar will be overlaid with the Twibbon above and a support Tweet will posted on your behalf saying: Support Flood Fightback, add a #twibbon now! - - Create one here -
  • We’ll also have you follow @Twibbon. You can always unfollow us if you want.
  • By clicking "Show my support now!" you agree to the Twibbon Terms of Service
Why the forces of nature would be swayed one way or another by the color ribbon that appears on your Tweets is beyond me, but they you go --another cause to broadcast to show you care.

THANK YOU, Yitzhak, for pointing our my error, which I've corrected now.  I was asleep at the wheel so to speak.

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