Introvert power!

Introvert tend to get a bad rap in the world of business.  They are stereotyped as anti-social and so expected to not be good team players and to be too shy to effectively lead.  But this stereotype, like many others, is not altogether true, according to a Harvard Business School researcher.  Here's an excerpt from
Harvard Business School researcher Francesca Gino has found that introverts can play a crucial role in leading teams.
Many of the strengths that people associate with leaders, for instance being dominant or being good at giving directives, are often the same traits that characterize someone who is an extrovert, Gino told CNN.
But in a forthcoming paper, she argues that when it comes to day-to-day teamwork in the workplace, less obvious leadership qualities can become more important.
She and her collaborators asked bosses to rate how extroverted they considered themselves and then studied how their teams worked.
They found that extroverts were more dominant, drove conversations and were less receptive to new ideas. Introverts, on the other hand, listened to ideas, internalized them and were able to improve team performance.
Gino said that introverts demonstrate superior performance when they are leading a team of proactive workers.

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