In the bag

Yesterday I picked up a couple of things in my local grocery store.  When I emptied the bag, I saw something I had not picked out -- a snack sized bag of crackers.  I checked the receipt and saw that it also was not charged. Thinking it must have been left in my bag by mistake, I brought it back to the store.  The store clerk was a bit bemused at this because the bags were intended to be put in as free samples.  She said I was the eighth person shopper to bring it back.  The good news is that the shoppers in my neighborhood are quite scrupulous about returning products that they believe were added on in error.  The bad news is that the store did not take that into account.  Had they done so, the baggers or cashiers should have been instructed to say that they were giving out these free samples.

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Orthonomics said…
A beautiful kiddush Hashem nonetheless. My kids walked out of IKEA with something under their bums which didn't get charged. I was able to call the store and have them charge the additional item to my credit card with the receipt info. Saved me a trip back to the store as we had intended to buy the item.
What if it weren't kosher, or someone was allergic? Doesn't sound like a good policy. Shabbat shalom.
tesyaa said…
It is nice that so many people returned it. Does the package have a hechsher?
Ariella said…
The store is a kosher one. The product was kosher, though I believe it was dairy and not cholov Yisroel. Definitely, it was not suitable for everyone, but that is not the problem so much as the fact that the shoppers were not notified that they were getting a free sample.

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