His and hers

This is not along the lines of "Can this marriage be saved?" but something much lighter.
From Rivki at http://lifeinthemarriedlane.com/2010/12/08/your-husband-is-not-broken-hes-just-a-guy/

This notion that everything should be done my way (which is obviously the best way, of course) sometimes clouds my ability to appreciate my husband’s help around the house.  I love that he helps.  It’s fantastic, especially considering his crazy busy schedule.  But when he helps it’s just so . . . male.  And it’s all too easy for me to pick at the differences from how I would have done it (because, again, my way is clearly superior).
See the rest of the post over there.  My comment was: Some of the difference really have nothing to do with gender but just with different approaches or expectations due to what one was exposed to while growing up. My husband has always insisted on doing the dishes — not just to spare me the task but because he prefers the results he gets. He has a greater compulsion for order in things and will frequently reorganize the freezer — now that does drive me a little crazy. 
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