Why editors should really do their homework and not merely reprint

On June 14th, my husband put up a post about the siyum at my son's yeshiva.  A few days later, we received an email through the yeshiva's email list with the body of the post; however, the authorship was attributed to Eliezer, my son, rather than my husband.  It didn't really make sense for anyone who knows who they are, for the, clearly, the piece was not written by a student but by his father.  Though my son did not like having his name on it, we didn't do anything in response.  But now we just saw the same piece in print attributed to Eliezer in the copy of the The Jewish Home, the latest 5 Towns area publication that was handed to me as I exited Gourmet Glatt this morning. Had the editors checked into getting actual permission for running a piece from the author of it, they could have found out that they didn't have the right name on it.  Now they missed out on the chance of bringing geuala laolam as Chazal learn from Esther.

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Frayda said…
disgusting! I cannot believe that they would copy something without the author's permission.
Ariella said…
My husband contacted the editor who told him that the school had forwarded it to him. Still, he should have checked with the author. Had he only bothered to check the original on the blog, he would have learned that Chaim, rather than Eliezer, is the name of the author.

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