Watch what you say and where

Ever notice how people who tout themselves as experts on somethign reveal themselves not to be?  There's a particularly annoying freelance editor who always pokes herself into every LinkedIn discussion to tout her own horn about how all her writers love her work, etc. and she tries to sell her expertise on being a successful freelancer.  But what she just posted indicated that she got stiffed by someone who said she was not satisified with her work.  She's better off not venting on the same forum where she boasts.
 Here's an extract from the person under whose name appears: "Get Paid to Write!"
I recently was asked to redo a brochure for a local colleague. It was awful - a cluttered Word or Publisher template; tons of typos and clunky, awkward writing; several tiny, mostly irrelevant images. I rewrote the text; asked for and incorporated better images; redid the layout and sent it back to the client; about three hours altogether, right in line with the two to four hours we agreed to use. She said it was great but wanted a couple little things changed. Did that, sent it back with an invoice and a note saying I'd be glad to do any other changes needed.

First she wrote back to say it was great and would pay shortly; then, a couple days later, she didn't like it after all and wanted a credit for part of the bill. It's been two months and she hasn't paid anything yet, and probably won't be. She's asked for another copy of the invoice so she could pay "this week" (don't you just love that "misplaced your invoice" line?) - and still hasn't done so.

Yes, I know that all of us can get stiffed.  I've been stiffed myself.  But I don't call myself an expert on getting paid to write.

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