Making numbers meaningless with Twitter followers

Today I got a notice that MyCoffeeStop is following me on Twitter.  I usually do a quick scan of those who follow me because I am curious about what may have drawn them in.  I don't subscribe to anything that is supposed to garner followers.  But that is just what  the top Tweet on my latest follower is about.

  It is for, which promises to increase your Twitter followers rapidly.  How does it do it?  Well, if you join, you commit yourself to following others.  So this is a sort of clearing house for scratch my back and I'll scratch yours in the form of following. .  Each person who joins must "follow all the VIP accounts and 20 randomly chosen regular accounts."  The one who joins has  "a chance in showing up as one of the 20 randomly chosen accounts." So you are, in effect, buying in to obtaining some random followers. To really inflate your numbers, though, you must opt in as a VIP.  I would be very surprised if the VIP account are not charged a premium.

In any case, all these followers are not following because they are interested in your Tweets but because they have to opt in to get more followers for themselves.  So of what value are these numbers?  I would say very little because followers who are not interested will not really read your Tweets and will not click on your links.  Yes, you'll have higher numbers, but they are, essentially, empty numbers.

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