Any woman tempted by this shidduch?

To fill in for the nonJewish girlfriend that the man will willingly dump for a Jewish one who wants to take her place.   This was posted on one of the email lists:

WANTED: SHIDDUCH FOR NON RELIGIOUS MAN, who is about to intermarry. He is 51.
 He is willing to go out with a Jewish girl and is willing to keep a kosher home.
 and will break up with the non-Jew if
he meets a girl that he is interested in.
For more info call or email.

I know the person who posted means well, but usually a woman wants to be more than a substitute of the preferred religion.

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Orthonomics said…
Oy vey! As sad as intermarriage is, marrying a person so that they can be married Jewish is weak reasoning. I will have to email you the story a marriage gone awry with similar overtones.

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