It's obviously my own fault for expecting people to be able to do their jobs

Don't you love it when other people mess you up, and then turn you into the bad guy because you get upset with them?  I remember the accountant who had our tax papers for a solid month before the deadline who the night before said he still hadn't done anything because he had been feeling depressed. He didn't bother to alert us of his passivity when we checked on the status a few weeks before and were assured everything was fine.

I just had another run-in of exactly the same type with the same attitude that reverses roles -- the one who was wronged is labeled the aggressor, and the one who messed someone else up by his/her negligence becomes the innocent victim.  Sick, sick, sick!  It would be akin to someone knocking you over while he pushes past you and then saying you had no right to shout at him when he continued on his way without even an "excuse me." Further, he would say that you had no right to upset him because it was only an accident.  Right, it's easy to say that when you don't feel the pain you caused.

Even if it was not intentional, the person still is liable.  That's why we have damage and malpractice suits.  Do you think the doctor really intends to kill his patient?  Generally, not, but mistakes do happen with devastating consequences, and the victims want some form of redress.

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