His and her education as depicted by 2 ads

These ads appeared in the local paper this week.  Let's take the ladies first:
"Seminary for Girls" a local program, offering daily morning "Interactive Classes."  "Curriculum includes trip to Eretz Yisroel."  We are not told who is teaching or running the school, though we are assured that it is "Under the guidance & direction of leading and renowned Torah educators from here and Eretz Yisroel." So your guess is as good as mine.  It features: "Inspiring lectures on various topics: Halacha & hashkafa, Shabbos & Yomim Tovim, Kashrus, Foundations of building a Jewish home, The Shidduch process, Weekly parsha."    The first few items on the list are standard, the last a bit light -- a seminary should offer in depth textual study of TaNaCh, no just weekly parsha -- but did you catch the penultimate one and the one before that?  And I thought finishing schools were . . . well, finished.

And here is what is proposed for the husbands-to-be: In huge letters: "WHY PAY $30,000 for a BACHELORS DEGREE" [there is no question mark there.}
It continues in smaller letters except for the numbers which are as large as the numbers above: "WHEN YOU CAN GET FOR $9,000 BY LEARNING TWO SEDARIM." [font size  shrinks further in the continuation]


Orthonomics said…
Interesting how the weekly parsha, the only academic subject of the courseload, is listed last, rather than first. And shidduch process as a course? Why not explore shidduchim through Tanach?
Orthonomics said…
Actually, kashrut, Shabbat, etc can also be academic. I might have been thrown off by teaching the shidduch process.
Chaim B. said…
>>>[there is no question mark there.}

That's what happens when you get your BA learning 2 sedarim a day ; )
BrooklynWolf said…
Just for clarification...

The last line actually specified a legitimate college?

The Wolf
Ariella said…
Brooklyn Wolf, no college is named only a yeshiva. But my husband says that just about any yeshiva can arrange a Bachelors of Talmudic Law without meeting typical college requirements. The girls don't get an option of that type of degree and have to pay way more than $9000 to get their Adelphi (an actual college) degree in a year (plus 2 summers on top of getting a full year of credits for a year in Israel) at the "New Seminary" (not the same one described here) AKA Bulka's.

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