Ever heard of Ezra and Nechemya?

The fact that Esther married Achashverosh is not a lesson in tolerance for marrying out, and it is a complete distortion of both history and halacha to say so..  She was forced, and had no desire to be the wife of the king.    There are numerous Gemaras that illuminate her situation and how she dealt with it -- not by indulging in facials and silk robes.   There was only one consolation for her, and that was recognizing that she was put into this position in order to be the instrument of salvation for her people.  Now, for those who do not crack open a Gemara or Ein Yaakov or Esther Rabba or even the commentary of Rashi on the Megillah, they can open a TaNaCh to the 10th chapter of Ezra. That the problem had to be addressed with no compromise is made abundantly clear, throughout that sefer.  As for a source in Torach, itself, remember the episode at the end of Parshad Korach for which Pinchas was specially rewarded?  It was not for saying, it's all fine.


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