Yosef reassures his brothers

Sefer Bereis end just after Yosef's conversation with his brothers. They are concerned that with their father gone, he will wishto avenge himself on them. He tells them he has no such intention and bears no grudge because he sees how his sale and the events that followed all fit into the Divine plan. He also assures them that he will support them. What's interesting is the assumption about human nature in his assurance according to Hakthav veHakabala. On 50:3 where Yosef says that he will suport them, he says, as he promised to support and sustain them from his own funds in a manner that they would be depedant on another's table, he comforted them by speaking to their hearts about this issue so that they wouldn't be saddened at this and they should consider it as if they were self-supporting with happiness and gladness of heart.
The assumption is that there is an element of sadness in being dependant on others and only a self-supporting person feel complete happiness. I wonder when this assumption went out the window and people started taking pride in getting a free meal ticket.


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