A new twist on a fairly traditional concept

Credit to Jay Monee for bringing this to my attention. There is a reality TV show now, "The World's Strictest Parents." See http://parentingsquad.com/five-lessons-from-the-worlds-strictest-parents Kids who have not been exactly model children are put in the hands of these parents. What's interesting to me is that it is still a parental unit rather than a school or camp program that is entrusted with getting the kids back on the derech, so to speak. The approach is pretty much that of a fairly tightly controlled family -- a benign dictatorship, if you will. The five lessons the writer extracts used to be considered fairly fundamental in Jewish families. They are:
1. Education is critical.
Respect for authority is non-negotiable.
The kids must be involved.
Expectations are clear
5. The family is bigger than the individual.


Orthonomics said…
This is a very good list.

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