It does give one pause

I just saw a posting from someone who bills herself as a writing tutor. It reads as follows:
Can't catch your tongue?
Proscrastinating the inevitable?
Unable to articulate your assets?
Get comfortable and get it done!"

Do you think she put the errors in on purpose? Usually when errors are purposefully left in ads, they are very obvious ones like spelling or subject-verb agreement errors. The errors here are more subtle -- the wrong word appears in context. The reason I think she may not intentionally be peppering errors is because even the title has the wrong word for the context. It is "College essay writing -- turn that drudge into a dream." A person is a drudge the type of work that makes the person into a drudge is called drudgery.


Anonymous said…
I actually winced upon reading that. I think she was trying to sound more articulate than she is. I wouldn't hire her, that's for sure!

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