If kids would buy laundry detergent . . .

I don't really understand what some advertisers assume about the audiences of certain sites. My children go on some sites to play various online games. I take it they are intended for children. But some ads that seem aimed at adults regularly cropped up -- nothing objectionable, mind you -- for things like Oil of Olay, or, more often, Tide detergent or stain remover. My daughter just watched the Tide ad that declares it has more than twice as much cleaning ingredient than other brands. Her immediate response was to tell me that I should buy Tide because it's so good.

So the ads work as far in persuading their audience. However, that particular audience is not the one who purchases the laundry detergent or even does the laundry. I do it. I am aware that Tide is considered effective. However, I usually buy detergents on sale for $2 a bottle. The same size bottles of Tide, which do not claim to do more loads of laundry, go on sale for $5.50.


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